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From 1851 to present day, the badges that the Baltimore Police City Department have worn each have their own history and meaning.

 Series 1: October 20, 1851, the first known metallic badge worn by Baltimore Police Officers - a large six pointed star with Baltimore's official city seal, The War of 1813 "Battle Monument" over the year 1797 (the year Baltimore City was incorporated) in an oval center. Within this oval center, across the top and sides are the words "City Police." Reissued in 1997 to celebrate our 200th anniversary, officers purchased this badge and wore it for that year only.
 Series 2: May 1, 1860, a new "Metropolitan Police" force under a Board of Police Commissioner's (BOC), state-appointed civilians, signaled the retirement of the "Corporation Police force" A new badge was authorized. This large oval badge with Roman "fasces," and an axe bound by wooden rods, as its central symbol. Across the top and sides of the "fasces" is a banner with the words "Baltimore Police" in raised letters.
 Series 3a & 3b: June 22,1862, a newly formed Police force appeared in a completely new uniform with a new series of badges. With the same center section of the first badge, and returning the designation of "City Police" surrounded by twenty small points encircled by a narrow rim.
 Series 4: May 27, 1890, worn with a new uniform by all members of the force. This is a shield-shaped badge with the word "POLICE" across the top, Maryland seal in the center and a ribbon with the officers number across the bottom. Sergeant's and above had an eagle on top of the shield. Lieutenants and above wore a badge gold in color. The eagle on the badges had a ribbon in its beak denoting the rank of the officer.
 Series 5: Badge currently worn by Baltimore Police Officers. With exception to the Series 2 badge the word Baltimore did not appear on any official Police badges. The Series 5 badge is similar to the Series 4 supervisors badge with a new center seal that is the same as worn on the patch. Police Officers and supervisors wear the same badge with the ribbon in the eagles beak denoting the rank. Lieutenant's and above wear the same badge that is gold in color.
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